Medical Family Therapy

Medical Family Therapy

Medical Family Therapy

Families experiencing a medical condition or a member with special needs may benefit from the support of a therapist with specialized training.

You might benefit from medical family therapy if:

  • You or a loved one have received a devastating medical diagnosis
  • Your family is struggling with special needs
  • You are questioning your faith or God’s goodness in the face of a medical diagnosis
  • Your family is struggling due to worsening symptom, impending death, or disability
  • Your feelings are ignored or overshadowed by your illness
  • You are rebelling against the labels that come with a diagnosis
  • You’re exhausted by caring for your sick family member
  • You’re feeling guilty about being impatient with the ill person

We can strategize ways to minimize the impact of the medical diagnosis and maximize your strengths.

My family and I have fought through the changes associated with a diagnosis and worsening symptoms. I can assist your family to discuss the impact of the diagnosis and see your situation from a fresh perspective.

Regardless of who has been diagnosed, every family member is affected and each reacts differently. Medical family therapy provides a safe, hopeful place to examine feelings, coping, and sources of support.

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